Family: Happiness, Successful, Together

PPCC is a family of happiness and accomplishments with incredible bond and dedications from each member.


To be a leader in business consulting and industrial solutions provider in order to advance and to globalize Thai manufacturers and workforce.



  • Create a successful and thriving business for our clients thru systemization.
  • Increase and expand Thai workforce competitive advantage capabilities.
  • Enable Thai manufacturers to achieve sustainable grow and enduring business.
  • To create and to develop a working environment
    that raises quality of life.
  • To create knowledge sharing and learning platform,
    as well as a community center for users and our partners.


Why ERP is important to your business?

“Besides human resources, system is another essential foundation for any organizational growth.”

PPCC Cultures

  • A tight knit family with emphasis on team work, forgiveness, and equal opportunity.
  • Do not blame or cover things up.
  • Respect, be honest, and listen to each other.
  • Abide by your words.
  • Open hearts and open minds.
  • Take 100% ownership in all areas and eager to learn.
  • Empower each other.
  • Live the life with purpose and balance.
  • Be a giver.
  • Respect the rules.

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